What Fortune 500 Companies Use Enterprise Resource Planning

With the agility and scalability of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), Fortune 500 companies have embraced the automation software into their organizations. The move came after seeing how excellently startups were doing after installing the much coveted software into their systems. Again, managing large volume of data stored in different departments in a fortune 500 company is quite cumbersome and would require a dedicated system to do it efficiently. ERP fits the bill. Below are fortune 500 companies that use ERP:

Hershey FoodsHershey foods is a delivery company that brings food stuffs to client’s doorsteps. It has SAP ERP, Manugistics chain supply and Siebel CRM for automation of its activities, ordering, accounting and customer relations management.

Nike Shoe CompanyNike is a renowned fortune 500 company that has brand stores in all regions in the world. They use enterprise resource planning for supply chain management as well as CRM

HPHP is a famed computer hardware company that wares computers all over the world. They have an ERP systems for managing ordering of computers, project management and accounting.

Waste ManagementWaste Management is a giant garbage disposal fortune 500 company. They use SAP ERP for their business automation all the way from ordering to accounting.

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