Teen daughter having sex

While in high school, my teenager daughter told me her friend was having sex with her boyfriend. Do we really need to accept our teens are having sex? One of my own mantras is this: My friend, who has three teen daughters, summed up the views expressed by that camp: Though some parents might prefer it that way. Do you feel differently about him? I think the most important thing is let your teen know they can talk about sex with you rather than being sneaky or hiding it. As one commenter put it in response to the ABC segment, "Being a high school aged girl, I've seen plenty of girls get pregnant. Have a question for Newman?

Teen daughter having sex

Such was the view of one father on the panel, who added: Besides, we cannot make sexuality go away. By the end of high school, all of his friends had used them. Listen as your teen shares their perspective. Do we really need to accept our teens are having sex? I have a girl and a boy but being the mother of a boy scares me the most. You see a pregnancy test in the garbage. Teens are entitled to have sex and sexual pleasure, and there's no better place than home, which is clean and safe. Aug 9, at 4: Be careful that you are not asking leading questions in the direction you want to go, as this will shut the conversation down quickly. It is part of being a human. As Hasselbeck joked about the responses to her segment, "A lot of parents on a lighter note on Twitter were saying, 'look, if I'm not having sex in the home, my teens aren't having sex in the home. If you forbid it, are you driving your kids to have sex in a car, at a party or in some other unsavory public place? Rumors and perceptions can change the way people think of us, and can create a negative reputation—one that lasts well into adulthood. After you allow them an opportunity to explain their reasoning and feelings, tell them that though they may already know your opinion as a parent on this issue, you still want to share the reasons why you think teens should not participate in this type of intimacy. You have to make a decision. Apparently, he 'forgot' to bring a condom and since she had already snuck out, she thought she may as well just get it over with. All grey zones for parents here, but as Wolf bottom lines it: Change your attitude and stretch yourself to try to be more open. Sexuality is not bad. You know, you don't bring home a girl or a boy, you know, and close the door and run around in my home. My friend, who has three teen daughters, summed up the views expressed by that camp: So, does that mean parents should accept their teens want to have sex, and talk to them about engaging in it safely? A review of more than three decades of research found that teenagers who communicated with their parents about sex used safer sexual practices. Do you feel differently about him? Others believe it endorses the wrong message, particularly for a girl -- in their view, it ruins a girl's reputation and labels her a slut underscoring the old double standard that's been around ever since Eve and her apple. Pick a good time and place to have the conversation.

Teen daughter having sex

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    Because if teens want to have sex, they'll find a place to have it and quite possibly take risks they might otherwise avoid if their parents were more forthcoming.


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