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Quality of life issues became a priority for participants once they had completed and recovered from treatment. Although the study's sample size was too small to systematically determine any difference in information gathered from either format, there were no noticeable differences our transcript analysis. Also, providers can educate patients about impact of RC treatments on sexual functioning and how RC treatment can alter men's functioning. The authors hypothesized that the etiology of ED may play a role in how men perceive their sexual dysfunction and they may be able to cope by acknowledging that the treatment that caused their dysfunction also increased their chances of survival. Open in a separate window Data Analysis The study data was comprised of six interview transcripts and two focus group transcripts. These interactions are stressful for patients and focused specifically on the best treatments for cancer. Although time is needed to psychologically heal from cancer treatments, medical literature reports that the earlier treatment begins for prostatectomy, the better result one experiences achieving erection later in recovery. Is quality of life different for men with erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer compared to men with erectile dysfunction due to other causes?

Sex an lar

Recovery of spontaneous erectile function after nerve-sparing radical retropubic prostatectomy with and without early intracavernous injections of alprostadil: Research Methods in Anthropology: Conclusion Although our findings indicate that survival is the primary concern during and after treatment, we also learned that as fears about cancer and mortality diminish, sexual function often re-emerges as a significant concern. This finding may be influenced by sample bias since individuals who agreed to take part in qualitative interviews or focus groups for this study are probably more open to participating in an intervention program as compared to other male RC survivors who may not volunteer for this type of study. Some participants expressed a lack of understanding about a number of issues, including: This is an indication that men feel comfortable discussing issues surrounding sexual functioning with both men and women and regardless of discussion setting. The median age of the sample was 67 years old range 47 to 82 years. For example, most of the men attributed their sexual dysfunction to age rather than cancer, which facilitated their coping with diminished sexual functioning during survivorship. Due to lack of awareness, male survivors likely do not have the information they need to address those issues that could potentially increase their quality of life. The barriers to intervention participation that men reported were more logistical in nature rather than substantive. For example, the men reported that they increased fiber in their diet as well as scheduled social events around their bowel movements. Through our analysis, four primary themes emerged: The men in this study reported a lack of education about sexual issues associated with cancer treatment and expressed a desire to increase their knowledge about sexual concerns. Greater patient education prior to cancer treatment can be beneficial in allowing patients to prepare for common post treatment side effects, thus reducing anxiety and uncertainty throughout treatment and following the treatment process. Participants seemed to evaluate their sexual dysfunction within their current life context. So there was this acceptance, as things diminished, that that's, the performance would just have to do, the expectations of the performance would have to taper off, and eventually you know you were hoping eventually it wouldn't go away completely. Similarly, most participants did not initiate discussions about sexual side effects with their oncologists for several reasons, including: Razavi and colleagues found that individuals who receive traumatic negative information e. The nature of patient-doctor communication has been found to be critical in influencing patient quality of life outcomes. The operation is necessary to save your life. First, there was consideration of whether multiple reviewers had reached similar conclusions regarding men's experience of sexual functioning post RC treatment. In terms of priorities during survivorship, participants expressed that gaining control over their bowel functioning took precedence over addressing issues with sexual dysfunction. The majority of participants indicated that their doctors did not bring up treatment-related effects on sexual functioning at the time of diagnosis or during follow-up appointments. This rate may be higher than the figures reported in other studies 4 - 6 and may represent a self-selection bias as survivors were told during study recruitment that we would be discussing the topic of sexual dysfunction. We did not specifically inquire about stoma reversal and how this may have affected sexual activity. The most common complaint among participants was ED.

Sex an lar

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    Recurring perspectives regarding current sexual functioning among the sample were learning to cope and live with diminished functioning and readjusting expectations of sexual function.


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