How to sex cockatiels

He will rapidly bang his beak, tapping cage bars, perches and other objects. Some are very accurate and others are just 'old wives tales'. Males will start to whistle and imitate sounds at about 6 months of age. Ok, back to our game of True or False: Check under the wings. Many of them will have mastered the "wolf whistle" before being welcomed into their forever homes.

How to sex cockatiels

Barring under the tail is always visually seen on baby and young birds. Many have said that their males will do this. For example, a whiteface lutino. Example, a left handed person may band the left leg of the bird. Albinos can't be visually sexed. The bird is grey, with white wing tips and orange cheek patches. NONE They have taken the time over the years to document or present their disputes on a fixed website, outside the groups or societies that they want to be seen as authorities and figureheads. Now, back to the Cheek Patch sexing. Visual Sexing Myths You can sex a bird by the bars on its tail or dots on its wings. Lutinos, Cinnamons, and Pearls are common sex linked mutations. Many will buy a Cockatiel with expectations that they can teach it to talk and whistle the tunes they see in the YouTube video. The exception to this is, when young, both sexes may have very faded spots on the secondary feathers as shown. The bird is then the victim of the lack of knowledge of it pet human, and is blamed. Again I say, Shame on them. Lutinos These birds have no grey at all on them, their bodies cannot make the grey or brown pigments. These same people claim some males retain their pearls for several molts and, depending on the extent of the pearling the underwing spots and tail bars may or may not have been present to begin with in either male or female. They have yellow spots on the underside of their flight feathers and conspicuous yellow and grey barring on their tails. If the bird is a year or older it is easier to visually sex the bird. Is My Bird Male or Female? It helps if you can compare this with another bird of a known sex. The first full molt will be approx. Sexing by feeling the pelvic bones is generally held to be unreliable and potentially dangerous if done by an inexperienced person. This information is offered for those of us who, as new bird owners, are still struggling with things that more experienced bird owners take for granted. Other methods that are fairly reliable but are mutation dependent are the face colour, wingspot sexing, and barred tail feathers. This means that there are no visual differences, especially when young, between the hens and cock when looking at the whole bird. Females are quieter and less active compared to males.

How to sex cockatiels

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    You may need to hold one of these feather up to a bright light and use a magnifying glass to see them.


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